Getting Started

To start using the framework, put the following code into your <head> tag:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all">

Download Documentation

Want to see the code for yourself? You can find it here.

What is Basic Framework?

Basic Framework is a lightweight CSS framework for projects of all sizes.

Why should I use Basic Framework?


Basic Framework is well, basic. Basic Framework requires no javascript libraries or any javascript files so you all you need to do to start using Basic Framework is to include the css file. No hassle is required to begin using Basic Framework.

Simple yet Modern Design

Basic Framework is very simple to use and include. It takes about ten minutes to learn and is simple yet modern. Basic Framework has all the tools you need to get the design you want.


You can download the Sass project and add new colours, change some settings and much more. You can really make your website just the way you want it without having to reinvent the wheel.